Obsessive About Success: A Lesson From The American Idol Show

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I simply heard another The American Idol Show contestant was began the show for apparently laying about his past. It appears virtually every season the show disqualifies a contestant for glossing over existence particulars that violate the show's rules.

But as you may know, in Hollywood, skeletons always emerge from the closet. Reporters and paparazzi are compensated to search up grime, therefore if it's there they are certain to think it is. But that is not what really bothers me. What bothers me is exactly what all this laying and cheating signifies. It is something that's becoming way too common in today's world. Actually, In my opinion in lots of ways the west is breeding it.

We are obsessive about success and trained to complete whatever needs doing to obtain there.

When fame and fortune would be the goal, you have to take out all of the stops. In the end, it is a dog-eat-dog world and when you are reluctant to get it done, there's another person getting upset at the heals who happily will. All you want do is browse around to locate proof of this no-holds-barred dependence on success, money, and fame everywhere.

It begins youthful...

From pursuing gold stars on our elementary school projects, to winning Little League trophies, children are indoctrinated to the thought of competition as soon as they walk into the class or onto a sports area. And, well-meaning instructors and parents are often their greatest cheerleaders. I am concerned we might not realize the lengthy-term results of what we are doing to the children.

We have seen it on television...

Switch on the tv and also you find popular reality shows for example Lifetime's Dance Moms and TLC's Small children & Tiara's, visiting the extreme training and grooming youthful women to become those who win. We might laugh them back as entertainment, but George Gerbner's Cultivation Theory indicates that what we should watch on tv shapes the west. With reality Television shows taking up five from the top ten rankings slots within the 2010-2011 season, one needs to question what impact this really is getting on the world.

Our schools perpetuate it...

In lots of high schools more focus is positioned on standardized test scores than you are on supplying a properly-rounded education. School has turned into a rankings game, too, yet it does not seem to be leading to wiser students. Sadly, based on a 2006 Junior Achievement Teen Ethics Poll, 44 percent of teens feel a powerful pressure to achieve school, regardless of cost, using more than ten percent students thinking they have to cheat to become effective.

And, grown ups aren't immune.

One only needs to browse around in the corporate avarice scams of latest years, and also the collapse of real estate and mortgage industries to locate good examples of grown ups so centered on money and success that they are prepared to scrimp-and break laws and regulations-to be able to achieve both.

We are elevated using the message that to succeed we should be prepared to complete whatever needs doing. I have heard success coaches tell people they have to live as if they're wealthy if they would like to attract abundance (regrettably this attitude has driven many into foreclosures and personal bankruptcy). The main focus appears to become on getting there rather than living now. I worry that consequently we might be developing a competitive world as opposed to a caring one. A global where so many people tend to be more centered on getting what's their own instead of doing what's right.

Obsessive About Success: A Lesson From The American Idol Show
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